The engine comes in the following editions:
Matali Physics Basic
Matali Physics Standard
Matali Physics Pro
Feature comparison matrix:Matali Physics BasicMatali Physics StandardMatali Physics Pro
Supported core features:
Shapes and meshes
Continuous collision detection
Scene and objects management
Camera and objects control
Character controller
Vehicle dynamics
Terrain and fluid surfaces
Force fields
Point cloth dynamics
Supported advanced features:
Advanced meshes
Contents of the SDK:
The engine files (headers and libraries)
APIs documentation in the CHM file format
Deferred rendering demos for supported platforms (platform context layers, full source code)Demo for Windows Desktop
Shared part of the demos (also includes single, unified math library, full source code)
Cross-platform visualization moduleMatali Render BasicMatali Render StandardMatali Render Pro
Cross-platform sound moduleMatali Sound BasicMatali Sound StandardMatali Sound Pro
Cross-platform content pipelineMatali Content BasicMatali Content StandardMatali Content Pro
Supported development environments:
Visual Studio 2015
Eclipse with ADT plugin, Android NDK
Momentics IDE, BlackBerry 10 Native SDK
Xcode 8.x
Supported platforms:
Windows XP/Vista/7Windows 7
Windows 8/8.1/10 Desktop
Windows 10 UAP/UWP
Android 4.3 and higher
BlackBerry OS 10.3 and higher
*BSD (mainly FreeBSD)
iOS 7 and higher
Linux (mainly Ubuntu)
OS X 10.9 and higher
Supported types of activity:
Android Native Activity
Android Java Activity
Supported forms of linking:
dynamic (.dll)
static (.lib)
static (.lib)
Android, BlackBerry OS, *BSD, iOS, Linux, OS X, SteamOS
static (.a)