Matali Physics Pro
Matali Physics Pro is a commercial edition of the engine. This edition simplifies development of physics-based, commercial computer games and is available after you buy the appropriate licence. Main differences between Matali Physics Pro and Matali Physics Standard are presented in the feature comparison matrix. Matali Physics Pro engine key features:

Designed For Both Native And Managed Code, Flexible And Easy To Use

Matali Physics Pro can be easily integrated into your game project written in native C++ or game project for selected manage frameworks. Designed for both native and managed code, will help you create unique, cross-platform games. Equips with mechanisms to create imaginary or real-life complex objects (inanimate such as airplanes, cars, ships, etc. or animate such as humans, animals, insects, etc.) is not limited to a fixed number of templates.

Multi-Threaded, Multi-Platform, Web-Enabled

Matali Physics Pro is optimized for multi-core processors and is available for: Windows, Windows RT, Windows Phone, web browsers, OS X, iOS and Android OS.
Matali Physics Pro designed for use in projects implemented in native C++.
Summary of supported operating systems, apps, platforms, multimedia APIs and development environments:

Operating systemsAppsPlatformsMultimedia APIsDevelopment environments
Android 2.3 (API Level 9)
and higher
AndroidARMv7 and higher (armeabi-v7a)OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0/3.0Eclipse with ADT plugin
Android NDK
iOS 6 and higheriOSi386, ARMv7, ARMv7s, ARM64OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0/3.0Xcode 5/5.1
OS X 10.9OS Xx86_64OpenGL 2.0Xcode 5/5.1
Windows 7/8.1Windows DesktopWin32, x64DirectX 11Visual Studio 2013
Windows 8.1
Windows RT 8.1
Windows StoreWin32, x64, ARMDirectX 11Visual Studio 2013
Windows Phone 8Windows PhoneWin32, ARMDirectX 11Visual Studio 2013
Windows 7/8.1Windows DesktopWin32, x64OpenGL 2.0Visual Studio 2013
Destructible Environments

Supports Fully Dynamic, Destructible Environments

Matali Physics Pro supports destruction of any complex object. In extreme case, the entire physics scene can be destroyed. The engine supports groups of object, convex decomposition, breakable constraints, dynamic deformation of heightmap.
Physical AI

Supports Physical AI And Objects Behavior Control

User controllers offered by the engine allow you to implement, efficient waypoints and pathfinding in dynamically changing environments. Each object in the engine can analyze the environment and determine what sees. Support for force-feedback, switches, lifetime physical objects makes easy to control the behavior and interaction of objects.

Supports Animation

Constraints and user controllers offered by the engine allow you to create advanced, procedural animation of complex objects. The engine supports control constraints (distance and angles) and modeling constraints through the additional mode of deformation.

Supports Physics-Driven Sound

Matali Physics Pro provides all data needed for audio playback during hitting, rolling and sliding of physics objects, as well as data required to play sounds related to the behavior of physics objects. Together with the engine is available a demo that shows complex scenes, where the sounds are controlled by the physics engine.

Powered By Matali Render Pro

Matali Render Pro is a cross-platform visualization module for Matali Physics Pro engine. This module is responsible for processing light sources, advanced shader effects and it is the default visualization subsystem for this edition of the engine. With this module, you can see how to integrate your own visualization system with Matali Physics Pro or you can also use it together with Matali Physics Pro directly in your own games. With this module, we can also test how Matali Physics Pro engine cooperates with modern visualization modules and thus provide you with better technical support.

Powered By Matali Content Pro

Matali Content Pro is a cross-platform content pipeline for Matali Physics Pro engine. This module is responsible for management of content (bitmaps, sound files, meshes, etc.) and it is the default content pipeline for this edition of the engine.

Fully Serializable

Matali Physics Pro supports advanced serialization. All information describing the physics scene elements such as objects, contact points, constraints, shapes, meshes, materials, light sources, fog sources, sound sources, cameras and controllers can be serialized to easily parsable XML files. Available serialization allows for easy 'on the fly' save and load physics scenes. Any scene in the Matali Physics Pro demos (for each of the supported libraries), contains an example of serialization (save and load).