Matali Render
Matali Render is a cross-platform visualization module for Matali Physics engine. This additional module is responsible for light sources processing and advanced shader effects. Matali Render module comes in three editions: Basic, Standard and Pro.
Feature comparison matrix:Matali Render BasicMatali Render StandardMatali Render Pro
Main features:
Deferred rendering combined with forward rendering
Advanced management of multiple textures, buffers and render states
Unlimited number of directional light sources
Unlimited number of point light sources
Unlimited number of spot light sources
Unlimited number of rectangular projectors
Unlimited number of spot projectors
The ability to merge multiple projectors in a separate, breakable entities
Two-sided transparent surfaces
Procedural sky with atmospheric scattering and smooth day/night transition or skybox
Lights with variable intensity
Transparency and textures with alpha channel
Cubemaps and cube mapping
Normal maps and normal mapping in the tangent space
Height maps and height mapping (parallax mapping)
Billboarding (2D objects in a 3D environment)
Advanced billboarding
Shadows from directional light sources
Shadows from spot light sources
Shadows from rectangular projectors
Shadows from spot projectors
Shadows for textures with alpha channel
Precise calculation of shadows (shadows do not require the time-consuming matching bias)
Fog (linear, exponential, planar, point volume, spot volume)
Supported graphics APIs:
DirectX 12
DirectX 11
OpenGL 3.3
OpenGL ES 3.0
Supported operating systems:
Windows XP/Vista/7Windows 7
Windows 8/8.1/10 Desktop
Windows 10 UAP/UWP
Android 4.3 and higher
BlackBerry OS 10.3 and higher
*BSD (mainly FreeBSD)
iOS 7 and higher
Linux (mainly Ubuntu)
OS X 10.9 and higher
Supported types of activity:
Android Native Activity
Android Java Activity
Supported forms of linking:
dynamic (.dll)
static (.lib)
static (.lib)
Android, BlackBerry OS, *BSD, iOS, Linux, OS X, SteamOS
static (.a)