Licensor - Komires Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością, a limited liability company with its registered office in Wrocław, entered to the Register of Entrepreneurs under number KRS 0000207457.
Matali Physics SDK 4.x - all components of Matali Physics version 4.x, including in particular the executable codes, libraries, source files, data files, documentation files, any and all updates provided by the Licensor, any additional electronic documentation together with the source files and data files made available via the network. "Matali Physics version 4.x" or "Matali Physics 4.x" means all versions of Matali Physics engine beginning with "4."
Commercial Game - computer game for one and/or more players (up to sixteen players playing at once) created to obtain profit.
Code Developer - a natural person who uses Matali Physics SDK 4.x either directly or indirectly to create the code of a Commercial Game.
Licences are sold per Code Developer. To create a Commercial Game using Matali Physics SDK 4.x, you need one licence for each Code Developer.
Any use of Matali Physics SDK 4.x in commercial or non-commercial software which is not a Commercial Game shall require the contact with the Licensor and the conclusion of a separate licence agreement.
Matali Physics SDK 4.x
Licence typeYour work is 100% royalty-freeYour work is 100% royalty-free
For use inCommercial GamesCommercial Games
Number of Commercial GamesUnlimited to all supported by Matali Physics 4.x engine platformsUnlimited to all supported by Matali Physics 4.x engine platforms
UpdatesFree to version Matali Physics SDK 4.xFree to version Matali Physics SDK 4.x
Included add-onsMatali Render, Matali Content, Matali Sound, Matali GamesMatali Render, Matali Content, Matali Sound, Matali Games
Source codeMatali GamesMatali Games
Additional limitationsMay be licensed and used by individuals or micro-companies that employ from 1 to 5 employeesMay be licensed and used by companies or incorporated entities
Price exl. VAT(per Code Developer)
299,00 €
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All prices are in Euro (€) exclude VAT.
If you have a valid UE VAT ID number please contact us before making the purchase.
After purchasing a licence, the licensee receives by e-mail:
  • Electronically signed, commercial licence
  • Electronically signed, VAT invoice
  • Link to download Matali Physics SDK

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