Camera And Objects Control
Camera and objects control

Camera and objects control

    The engine allows you:

  • Create cameras. Each camera contain (among others):
    • Frustum
    • View matrix
    • Projection matrix
  • Create your own controllers. The controllers allows you (among others):
    • Change parameters of objects
    • Animate objects
    • Reactions from collision
    • Drawing objects
  • Use of internal controllers such as:
    • Cursor controller (provides functions to handle the cursor)
    • ScreenToRay controller (allows you throw the ray in 3D space for given screen coordinates)
    • Fluid surface controller (allows you create sinusoidal or cosinusoidal fluid surface perturbation in real-time)
    • Heightmap controller (allows you deform the heightmap in real-time)
    • Triangle mesh controller (allows you add triangles to the arbitrary set of triangles)
    • Destruction controller of complex objects (allows carry out destruction of group of objects unconnected constraints)
  • Establish priorities for the simulation to determining the order of user controllers
  • Handle force-feedback
  • Handle local and global gravity
  • Handle switches
  • Control the lifetime of physical objects through the counters of frames