Scene And Objects Management
Scene/objects management

Scene and objects management

    The engine allows you:

  • Create fully dynamic scenes. All scenes are constructed as a group of objects that can be completly destroyed in realtime
    • Each scene object can include (among others):
      • Shape
      • Constraints
      • Material
      • Sound
      • Light
      • Camera
      • Controllers
    • Each scene object has the following collision detection functions:
      • Object-object
      • Object-ray
      • Object-segment
    • Each scene object in conjunction with other scene objects can create a group of objects
    • Each scene object or groups of objects with constraints can be during initialization, rotated, moved and scaled
    • Each scene is processed in multiple threads
  • Handle concurrent sequential processing of multiple scenes. Possible applications include physical controls, menus and special effects
  • Establish the order and the way of drawing objects
  • Handle transparent objects (including objects with variable transparency)
  • Manage objects through the object managers. Object managers allows you (among others):
    • Read object
    • Add object
    • Remove object
    • Search object
    • Check the count of objects
  • Use of multiple cores of multi-core processors through the multi-threaded core of the engine